What is WE about?

WE is about creating a means by which people can become independent of the present economic system via creating a new economic system, based on The Sharing Economy.

How is WE different from the existing economic system?

  1. WE is owned In Perpetuity by all people, not by any individual or shareholders. This means the benefits will always be to the people everywhere.
  2. WE, by virtue of its ownership, is about directing a large proportion of the profits generated to regional people and regional projects everywhere it operates.
  3. WE is Inclusive rather than exclusive, meaning that everyone, including financially disadvantaged, can be a part of WE. This is achieved via a novel application of ‘sweat equity’, whereby payment can be made by ‘sweat equity’ instead of cash. This starts the “Pay It Forward” mechanism, which is an Infinitely expanding circle of positive actions, rather than the usually “one off” paying a favour back.
  4. WE‘s products and services are scrutinized prior to acceptance to ensure they are effective, ethical and in alignment with the philosophy of assisting The Greater Good (as well as the contributors of the products/services) as their primary purpose in being on the WE. Anyone can list and sell products on WE provided they fit with the criteria above.
  5. WE is part of the new Sharing Economy. As such, it functions via new currencies, including Sweat Equity, barter and crypto-currencies as well as the old national currencies, in the short to medium term. In the medium to long term, the existing national currencies will become less and less relevant due to the better deals available via the new ways of transacting an exchange. The effect of these different ways of doing things, is that more money, resources, information, energy, remains with the people, rather than with corporates, governments etc.
  6. WE as a growing group of crypto businesses is unstoppable by governments, corporates and vested interests who would prevent humanity’s expansion of its consciousness.

How does the WE fund the Pay It Forward and what does Pay It Forward achieve?

WE funds Pay It Forward via a fund created from the product sales. Pay It Forward achieves what is the most needed injection of Social Capital possible in the world at this time. It does this by including everyone, literally, rather than excluding most. If you haven’t seen the movie of the same name, it is recommended for the powerful demonstration of how “positive creates more positive”, and the fact that this can and does become exponentially expanding, indeed, Infinite!