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What is Sustainable 123?

– A Sustainable Economic System including all products, services, projects, – everything we require!

If you have a Product or a Service you would like to share with the world, make it part of The WE Project!
Or if you like an already existing Product or Service and you want to help out as a Distributor in your Country, please Contact us.
If you are listing a new sustainable product or service, please go to Contact Us and outline the product or service’s details, including its Stage 1,2 or 3 of Sustainability, as outlined in the Read More.

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To most easily use this section, either read the verbal outlines below, and or go to the Sustainable 123 Products list on the right side of this page.
There is also an alphabetical products list at the bottom of this page.

Amino Acids

Amino Acids fix many diseases, naturally. They are available to buy, sell, or distribute nationally. Please see the already available products from the menu on the right. Read more

Animal Health

Many products are already available to purchase and distribute. Please see Animal Health on the category list (on the right).


Including MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement), Chlorine Dioxide for Malaria cure overnight, Sodium Bicarbonate.


Medicinal Cannabis cultivation business models in development, for application everywhere. Products supplies can be accessed from these sources. Read more


Farmers, Truck and Sea Transport and Logistics providers are all greatly sought after for these high priority projects.


The WE Project is evaluating the existing cryptos and researching about its own inernal credit system or crypto currency with adaptions to interface Sweat Equity, Commodities and the very wide range of exchange capabilities. Drop a line if you can contribute to the development phase.


Beta manufacturers and investment/distribution for first energy techs, now available globally. Hydrogen based tech for diesel and gasoline engines, biogas reactors/genetarors, plasma tech, a Battery Charger for off-grid and more to come. Check out the current projects on the Blog section.


The WE Project is seeking negative interest loans’ access from European and other countries where these exist already. We feel this could be useful in a short term capacity, as the transition away from fiat currency happens.


Organic, clean and sustainable food products are a natural main part of the project.


Non medicinal products: for textile, construction, 3D printing (filaments) and more.


Italy, USA and Russia are currently working on 3D Printing System capable of printing entire houses from the bottom up. WE is discussing a collaborative relationship with them, re-defining the housing sector to provide affordable and eco-sustainable housing, starting at a few thousand USD for a simple basic home.

Human Health

Human related products, please see Human Health on the right. Available to buy and sell and awaiting for your product.

The WE Project is researching proven, simple, low cost Water Purification and Water Condensation systems to provide clean water supplies to everyone, everywhere, now. If you are a provider, you will be rewarded in any of the many ways listed on the WE site, including products, technologies (including business opportunities’ involvement), crypto-coins and more!

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