1. Leo, 80, Sydney – Arthritis
After six or eight weeks of taking minerals, Leo found he no longer had hip pain that had plagued him for ~ 40 years. Also he didn’t need anti inflammatory medications.

2. Amber, Labrador dog, ~7 years, Sydney – Arthritis
After 4 to 6 weeks of taking the minerals, Amber was ‘very much improved’ according to her owner, who was previously saddened by her discomfort and lack of mobility.

3. Noel, 80, Sydney – Heart problems

Noel 80yo from Sydney has heart problems
Noel, eighty year old from Sydney has heart problems

Noel had undergone several months ago by-pass surgery and was having to use a walking stick for the first time ever, as well as experiencing a variety of other undesirable, potentially worrying health problems including pneumonia, extreme fatigue and general frailness and dizziness.
Within ~ ten days of taking the minerals, virtually all of these worrying symptoms were extinguished and he said “I am putting it all down to the minerals, I am not kidding you, and I’m throwing away my stick”.

4. Ron, 90, Sydney – Blood Pressure
Ron was told by his GP “whatever you are taking, keep taking it, your blood pressure has never been this good!” Ron is, at 90, the patriarch (benevolent) of 4 generations of his family, so it’s a great thing that he is keeping on.

To research further information the reader is referred to the texts previously referenced, by Dr Joel Wallach, Dr Robert Barefoot, Drs Suttle and Underwood, as well as to a vast body of nutritional information relating to Diatomaceous Earth and bioavailable silica’s action as a bio-availability enabler/activator of all substances.

Also well documented are zeolite’s credentials as a chelating agent in removal of all toxins including radioactive (it was used at Fukushima and Chernobyl), agricultural chemical and heavy metal toxicity thus preventing and reversing diseases of all kinds including cancers, arthritis, auto-immune, and neurological disease. Virtually all disease states are positively impacted / dramatically improved by detoxification in this simple, effective and affordable way. There is also strong evidence to suggest that conditions such as depression, autism and ADD/ADHD benefit from this type of gentle de-toxification