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The information on this website is by no mean connected or authorised by any government or other agency, though it would be wise for governments to encourage systems that are working oo proven methods able to prevent as well as cure disease in society, thus improving economic markers as well as the lives of many who are needlessly suffering for the want of information and cents daily of minerals. Everything is however true in every detail of what is stated here. We suggest that you, as a mature adult person, assume responsibility for making decisions regarding your own health and life. Unlike the Veterinary profession, the medical industry/profession is not trained in nutrition, hence there is no basis from which to understand what is spoken of here, so, noone is officially qualified to comment let alone adjudicate/disapprove. To those who would disagree, in the face of the vast body of practical evidence supporting this system of health care, we would suggest to prove that it doesn’¬ít work, otherwise keep out of what is working. Preferably become part of encouraging it, in the interests of The Greatest Good, thus of everyone.