Amino Acids


How Amino Acids work

Everyone knows that if we sweat, we lose salts and we get cramps, and that if we take salt, the cramps stop! The same applies with Minerals and Trace Elements, such as Calcium, Magnesium and many others, which if allowed to continue, results in boney problems such as osteoporosis, arthritis and much more. Again, replace the minerals and trace elements, and the boney problems go away.

So, it’s probably no surprise that the same happens with amino acids. Being the components of proteins. over time, we develop a deficiency of amino acids, via sweat and other metabolic losses, that we all experience to a greater or lesser degree (athletes more so). The difference is, that AA’s are the means by which, literally, billions of biochemical reactions in our bodies take place.

If you visualize a barrel with one or more of the slats around the barre, being less than the full height, that is the way nutritional deficiencies affect our health, meaning, our health is only able to function to the level of the lowest slat in the barrel. Restore the deficient nutrient and we raise the overall health and functioning of our entire body!

In the case of amino acid deficiencies, the abnormalities that appear so far, to be involved, include: Bi Polar, Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Menopausal Problems, High Cholesterol and Blood abnormalities.

It’s early days, but it appears that these and almost certainly many more ‘abnormalities’ can be reversed, like with the cramps and ‘boney problems’, by replacing the accumulated amino acid deficiencies, in days or a few short weeks, without side effects or much expense!


Is the restoring of optimal health of the entire organism, which is what appears to be happening via the spread of clinical conditions that are returned to normal-optimal via AA deficiency replacement, as outlined above.

Natural Detox, Low Carbs – Plant-based and Raw Food Diet, Medicinal Cannabis

Detox naturally with inexpensive Zeolite, Low carb diets, plant and raw food diets and Medicinal cannabis. They are all very potent natural ways to super-charge our bodies, please see for more information.


Be a Trialler: horses, people, or both. If you would like to be a part of a trial for AA’s and the application of some or all of the above protocols, please get a tub at ‘mate’s rates’ and give us your feedback, so we can let others know the awesome power of AA’s!

Horses and people

As you will read in the Testimonials, people and horses thus far, respond to AA replacement, – indicating that ‘this is a thing’, ie it is applicable across species, – no surprise, but v affirming of the validity of this concept


Standardbred horse trainer, former BiPolar and Depression sufferer ;
‘Horses don’t run faster on BoostAA, but they run at their fastest for longer than when they don’t have BoostAA’, – which makes them significantly better athletes!’
At the CSIRO start-up awards, won by BoostAA, the trainer also shared the following re his and his wife’s experiences of taking InnovAAte (the human AA supplement2) ;
‘ My BiPolar and Depression ‘goes away’ when I take InovAAte, – and returns when I don’t take it! My wife’s Menopausal and High Cholesterol goes away, – without any other drugs, when she takes InovAAte’

Thoroughbred horse Trainer, Queensland, Australia
‘I had a horse that was tired and not performing well, so I was about to get rid of it, when Tony Nutley from Horsepower Equine Nutrition Systems suggested I try him on BoostAA, their new Amino Acid formula. I did give it a go (grumbling about extra costs) and in short time, that tired horse was no longer tired and had won two races in a row and 20k prizemoney! I now recommend and sell BoostAA to my fellow trainers, despite the fact that in doing so I give them the edge I now have!

Other Queensland Standardbred trainers, re ‘bleeders’
2 standardbred trainers have noted that within ~ 2 weeks of commencing BoostAA supplementation, that horses that had had bleeding problems are finishing strongly, running places with no evidence of bleeding nor respiratory distress.

Hugh, developer of InovAAte and BoostAA
I had OCD symptoms, which went away when I took the AA’s!

Joe, Sydney ;
‘ Those amino acids are great stuff mate, I gave them a second chance and its very energising…the shit is incredible mate, really notice a mood difference’

1 And this happens without side effects
2 Note, BoostAA and InovAAte are different from branch chain AA’s, in that they are based on research that identifies the exact AA’s that are deficient in each species (humans and horses thus far), rather than making an arbitrary estimate, that may not be correct.

Natural Cholesterol Lowering, reversal of Bipolar, Depression, Menopausal symptoms, and reversal of many other health problems

University conducted clinical trials have shown a decrease in blood cholesterol levels after taking a blend of naturally occurring amino acids. This is potentially a great breakthrough for many who would prefer to avoid pharmaceutical based drugs , – with their many undesirable side effects.

In fact, it increasingly appears that as with mineral and trace element dietary deficiencies and electrolyte deficiencies, via sweat losses, – that amino acids lost via sweat, result in deficiencies, that cause many health problems.

Clinical trials show that supplementation of these deficient amino acids can lead to overcoming of many health problems.
Early reports indicate that conditions including Bipolar, Depression, High cholesterol, Menopause and other hormone problems, Sleep disorders, Athletic performance enhancement and likely many more.

The mechanism of action is likely to be that these ‘essential amino acids’, similar to minerals and electrolyte deficiencies, are required for many biochemical reactions to take place within our bodies. If the amino acids aren’t present, then biochemical pathways don’t function, in turn causing health problems, – including those indicated above and almost certainly many more!

Its early days, however, we, together can, by all being a part of the process, both help ourselves as well as others. The greater the numbers of positive results, the greater the power of this natural healing to inspire confidence, – how exciting!
For more information, download the document, Amino-Acids-Hugh Dunstan

Be a part of the Beta test, here’s the procedure; ; Purchase the product at a fraction of the normal price, use it, reap the benefits and share your results with us By doing this, you will be assisting the development, proving and improving of this great product, hence making its availability for others happen much faster. You can become involved in the rollout if you are interested in doing so.