Cancer and Diabetes


Eliminate all carbohydrates from the diet. This is ‘101’ for treatment of cancer. Elaine Cantin developed the modified ketogenic diet and removed breast tumours with secondaries, in 14 days via this methodology. Note;: carbohydrates means all sources of sugars: starches, fruit, beans, potatoes, what ever has them inside. Doing so is also the #1 key to curing diabetes Type 1 and Type 2. Refer to Elaine Cantin’s book, website and You Tube.

Equally important is to alkalinize your body

These two processes will reverse most if not all cancers very rapidly. A cancer cell is an anaerobic metabolism which needs a no-oxygen environment which cannot exist if the body has neutral/alkaline pH. See how to achieve this on Please also refer to the pH section in this directory in The Mineral Re-Boot. There is a very strong link between the absence of carbs and improved immune function. You will note wounds heal in a few days, not weeks when carbs are out of your diet. This is a practical indicator of your immune function being at or near maximal effectiveness. This means you won’t die, and the thoughts of death will leave. When asked “what do they attribute their well-known longevity to,” people in the Caucasus mountain regions answered: “no yeast”. It is now well known that fungal infections such as Candida indicate lower immune function which creates cancer-friendly environment. Temporary removal of carbs will change your health profoundly.

Use of cannabinoid oil, Aloe and other natural, proven cancer killing substances is also very desirable, concurrently with diet changes.