Invest in Hemp Growing for Wealth Creation (Industrial, not weed)

If you have a back yard (1/3 acre) or more, you can make serious money from Industrial (seed or fibre) Hemp cultivation. 1 acre can produce between 18,000 and 160,000 AUD in seeds, for which there is a global demand.

Financial Returns; Indicators:

Seed Crops;
Range of 1 to 8 ton per acre of Low density Compost-planted, irrigated; Value 8,000 AUD x 20 AUD/kg = 20 to 160K / acre Note, these yields and returns are available via a specific methodology, involving 1 metre planting intervals, growing small trees and topping of the apical seed head, creating maximal tillering / seed pod development.

Proof of concept is being performed, – however, people worldwide are starting immediately, due to the great benefits, Financial, Environmental, Health, Social and more.

To become involved: contact us outlining your preferred role, as Passive Investor, Sweat Equity Contributor, Land provider, or ‘Other’, as well as the area you are in and we will put you together with others nearby to form a working group.

Note; It’s not necessary to be in the same physical location / area as the land or the other partners in the project, – only to be of like mind and intention.

Detailed Technical ‘How To’ document, outlining what you will need and several ways of cultivation for different situations and scales of cultivation and processing, will be available.

This project implementation system is being posted as a Crypto system, which will make the process faster and more efficient.

2. Invest in Energy technologies rollout

Several energy techs are being evaluated and when that is done, they will be posted and interested parties invited to register their interest and what role(s) they are able to contribute to the projects.
If you would like to be a part of these exciting projects, please get in touch, we will keep you posted.

3. Hemp Bread Baking

Low Carb, High Protein, Gluten Free, High ‘Good Oils’ and much more, translates to Hemp being a very health promoting ingredient in bread. Also many benefits in it’s awareness raising role in the wider community re the many benefits of hemp and the associated effects as go better health becomes our new norm.

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