Fulvic Acid for Natural Veg Growing ‘Stimuliser’

Fulvic acid, a derivative of humic acid, is the fast track to optimal soil health, a large part of which is soil microbiology.

As this happens, plants reflect the better soil health. This in turn is of vast importance to our health. Over time, our food is either making us healthy or it is making us toxic / sick. Put simply, chemical produced food, meaning food produced via chemical fertilisers and pesticides, loads our liver and other tissues with toxic chemicals, which cause our organs and immune system to fail, resulting in disease.

This happens as follows; Chemical fertilisers kill the soil microbes, which results in a deficiency of minerals being solubilised ( soil microorganisms turn insoluble minerals in the soil, into plant-available minerals). As the plant is deprived of minerals, its immune function is diminished, like ours, hence pests attack it, requiring pesticide application. In this way, instead of being a source of nutrition, rich in minerals, our food becomes, literally, a slow poisoning process!