Garlic has 10 x the antimicrobial power of synthetic antibiotics! – minus the side effects, such as creating disarray of the gut microbial population with the myriad associated physical, mental and emotional disturbances. Garlic, preferably organic or home grown and non GMO, – has ‘intelligence’, unlike a synthetic, – in that it has the ability to not only reduce the excessive microbes, but also the ability to facilitate reestablishment of the balance of the numbers and species of gut organisms that suits our individual requirements.

Allicin is one of the key biological agents, – but there are ~ 200 others. Allicin is activated by either crushing or slicing the garlic a few minutes prior to eating. Also honey further adds to the potency of garlic.

Garlic has a positive effect on many organ systems, including the heart, blood vessels / atherosclerosis, neurological including better sleep, uric acid (gout), Immune system, detoxification, Blood pressure, Appetite suppression / weight loss,

For a further detailed explanation of the How and Why, we refer the reader to;

for more information and some practical ways to get the maximum benefits from Garlic in long term health maintenance, – naturally.

Don’t consume garlic if you have a bleeding or a digestive disorder or are pregnant.

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We suggest that you read the attached information re the causation of excessive cholesterol and modify your diet, thus naturally lowering your cholesterol.