Hemp for Health Bread

Hemp for Health Bread


An affordable, Hemp based bread that significantly improves consumers health in days.
Scientific Overview
Replacement of Amino Acid deficiencies, via Hemp Protein, reverses health problems, including Mental Emotional, Cancer, Heart, MS and more[1], similar to reversing cramps by salt replacement or Osteoporosis and Arthritis with mineral replacement. This process is known as Homeostasis, essentially reverting to Normal / optimal health, – without drugs, sickness and costs of same!

So, as referenced above, including Minerals, Trace Elements[2] and Detox, also makes sense.
Prof Steinemann, Head of Civil Engineering at Melbourne Uni states that ‘ around 90% of all disease is due to toxins we accumulate in our bodies’. For this reason, inclusion of zeolite and other natural detox materials is also a very important part of the recipe.

‘Low Carbs[3]’diets are documented as being ‘key’ in Diabetes, Cancer and other Degenerative Disease Management. Since Hemp Bread has virtually zero carbs, – hence it is perfect for people battling disease, – for whom finding suitable food is often very challenging.;
A combination of the above ingredients, thus, is an important way to, literally, – ‘support a better life’ ( understatement) AND create both a great new Product and literally, a New Paradigm in food providing.

A neutral-slightly Alkaline pH body chemistry is well documented as being associated with Optimal Health
Alkalising  our bodies via the addition of Bicarb in Irish Soda Bread has been associated with decreased cancer rates in regions where Bicarb levels were raised slightly. Using Bicarb as the ‘raising-agent’, is thus another part of The Hemp Bread Recipe.

Organic materials are important for their far greater Mineral and other nutrient content, as well as their absence of toxins, present in non organic produce.[4]

Much needed Education and providing of an invaluable Social Service to the wider community will be achieved by this product and project, benefitting National and International  Interests.
Company. Share Prices are well acknowledged to rise in association with Companies that are perceived by the public as being genuinely acting for The Greater Good.
This project and others with similar focus, have Global Relevance, – hence multinational companies can thus both contribute and benefit from such projects elsewhere, as well as in their home countries.

[1] Please see ; 17 Research Abstracts Including Heart, Hyper tension, MS, Cancer ; http://www.greenmedinfo.com/substance/hemp-seed  and https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/rhythms-recovery/201707/hemp-recipe-brain-health  and https://hemphealer.wordpress.com/2012/01/06/hempseed-and-bipolar-disorder/

[2] Adding minerals and Trace Elements is standard practice as a form of Preventive Medicine with all Production Animal Diets, such as chickens, pigs, sheep, cattle. This not only prevents disease, but also improves reproduction and overall health of all animals, including people. Many more references available re this. Fulvic Acid is a very potent, Natural source of Minerals and Trace Elements, which will be included.

[3] Please see Elaine Cantin youtube re this subject;   https://duckduckgo.com/?q=elaine+cantin+ketogenic+diet+youtube&t=hf&ia=videos&iax=videos&iai=OpvyHjqjW3Y and her website ;  https://hemphealer.wordpress.com/2012/01/06/hempseed-and-bipolar-disorder/

[4] Again, a vast subject, with much ‘Evidence-Base’, – essentially, chemicals kill Soil Biota (microorganisms), hence minerals are no longer made soluble to the plant, hence lower Mineral and Trace Element content in plants grown with chemicals. Then there is the pesticides etc, virtually all of which are carcinogenic!
Corporate and Grass Roots Supporting of Organic Farming powerfully influences farming to move in the Organic, Sustainable direction!