Medical Cannabinoids

It used be that many medicines carried a component of cannabinoid oil, for the reason that it has a positive healing effect on so many health conditions. Indeed, up to 900 health problems are documented as being positively assisted by CO.
Some of the common conditions it is credited with remedying include, many cancers, seizures, Parkinsons, MS, Auto Immune, Lung problems, liver disease, and many more.

We trust our administrators / government will see its way clear to removing the impediments to the free availability of this remarkable substance very soon, and we encourage all to demand this in any and all positive ways.

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Be a part of the Beta test, here’s the procedure;
Purchase the product at a fraction of the normal price, use it,reap the benefits and share your results with us By doing this, you will be assisting the development, proving and improving of this great product, hence making its availability for others happen much faster. You can become involved in the rollout if you are interested in doing so.
We suggest that you read the attached information re the causation of excessive cholesterol and modify your diet, thus naturally lowering your cholesterol.



None of what is presented here has been approved by any agency, – government or otherwise, – for a variety of reasons. It is suggested that you trust yourself to take responsibility for your own health and destiny, – starting now.

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All that is on this site is absolutely as it is represented, as well as being Sustainable and will do no harm.
If you believe that our administrators, aka government, are entirely dedicated to your / our best interests, – we say, we and others are doing all possible to effect that reality.

Doubtless, – the vast majority of public servants are decent people, – however the ‘system’ , as most of us intuitively know, is deeply flawed, and is the ‘vehicle’, through which much suffering and hardship is perpetrated on humanity, – and ‘its not ok’, – we trust you agree, – hence these words.

We refer the reader to the Research Docs section of this site, please see the document titled ‘government’.

Lastly, in the context of going live and linking this site with, it would be important and desirable, to put some easily recognisable icon to indicate that the products are or are not available. We wondered about the possibility of something like a ‘Add to Cart’ that either is or is not illuminated, – indicating the availability or otherwise of the product?