Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Investment

Executive Summary

Model Overview
The project is one of cultivating Medicinal Cannabis leaf and flower, to be on sold as medicinal flower OR for extraction of Tetrahydrocannabinoid oil THC and Cannabinoid Oil,CBD
This model is based on a proven system of growing and on reliable yields and financial returns, hence the reader / investor and all associated with this venture can have confidence that was is claimed is achievable as outlined

The growing system is based on hydroponic cultivation1 in high security buildings, as used in California and Colorado for many years.
Hydroponics are used preferentially, with controlled temperature and environment, again for the reason of making the most constant, certain situation from which predictable yields and returns are able to be achieved.
The growing system used also, allows maximum number of crops per year via the methods utilised, again maximising yields.

Genetics likewise are selected for their high THC and CBD yields over many growing seasons.

Costs and Returns
The project is carried out via first obtaining a Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation licence from the Office of Drug Control ODC.
The licence costs ~ $100k and is able to be facilitated by delta tetra consulting, who have a strong track record of having successfully achieved several Medicinal Cannabis licences’ approvals through the system.
Time to get approval is ~ 12 months, but may decrease, as the demand and appetite by govt for the industry’s expansion is growing daily, in line with international movement.

The high security structure including grow rooms, lighting, hydroponics systems, leaf and flower drying, processing and packaging, despatching equipment, costs either $1.2m or $1.7 depending on whether a 250 sq metre or 500 sq metre facility is chosen.

Returns are derived by on selling leaf and flower to licensed processors, there is a substantial demand both here and internationally.
Conservative yields are, ~ .3 and .6 tons(metric) per annum from the 250sq M and the 500 sq M facilities respectively.
Price per gram of leaf (dry weight) is between $3-6AUD and $3000-6000AUD per Kg.
Hence per ton value is $4,500,000AUD avg

Business Plan
To follow, including detailed technical, financial, structural information including photos of facilities, available

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