Mineral Re-Boot Pack

Natural Health Restoration – Tested on humans

‘Our soils and therefore food products are no longer rich in minerals as they once were.


Minerals supplementation is proven from animal studies involving billions of animals, to be a very effective way to restore health.
A low cost, simple system is explained, including an easy to follow method of self-diagnosing your present health and how you are progressing.

Testimonials are supplied for further validation.

Minerals, arthritis and Health
In horses and other valuable production animal species, mineral levels are closely monitored and added to their daily diets because veterinarians have learned from working with billions of animals that chronic disease is avoided via this method. Such careful monitoring does not take place in human health care.

Horses and other animals with arthritis will, given the opportunity, eat large quantities of minerals when their bodies are depleted. Soon after, their arthritic pain goes away.

Likewise, horses, cattle and others with mineral deficits will suffer a variety of skeletal deformities, which are avoided by adding minerals to their diets.

Pregnant women exhibit similar instinctive knowing of what they and their baby require via cravings that direct them to certain foods to provide what the growing baby needs.

The Hunzas, The Georgians, and other groups living in remote areas of the planet and at high altitude depend on highly mineralised  ‘glacial milk’ for their drinking and farming water. They don’t need Doctors nor Spectacles and have the highest incidence of centenarians on the planet.

pH Balance, Diet and health restoration

Alkalise your body

There is a well documented and direct relationship between increasing body acidity and degenerative disease.
In 1931 Otto Warburg won The Nobel Prize for Medicine for his work in this field.

By identifying (through a litmus test) and monitoring our bodies’ acid balance we can evaluate our healthiness or likelihood of developing disease.

Firstly, ensure your diet is rich in raw, naturally alkalising vegetables. Raw vegetables also have the most potent anti-inflammatory influence.
This is of great importance as inflammation is the initiating cause of vascular disease and obstructive heart problems.

Secondly, by taking alkalinising minerals daily at a cost of a few cents per spoonful we can revert our bodies’ acidity to the ideal neutral/alkaline state.
As this happens, disease goes away, naturally.

Thirdly, Bicarbonate of soda, or Baking Soda is strongly alkalinising, though the effect doesn’t last long, hence it must be taken often (once or twice daily in acute situations).

Recent UK National Health Service research suggests that in patients with kidney disease it can reduce the need for dialysis  and reduce metabolic acidosis. ww.nhs.uk/news/2009/07July/Pages/Bakingsodaforkidneypatients.aspx

Please see www.alkaliseforhealth.net for more information re this.

What’s in the Mineral Re-Boot pack?

The Contents of The Mineral Re-Boot kit include Calcium and Magnesium as Magnesium carbonate and Calcium carbonate,superfine Food Grade, Diatomaceous Earth, Food Grade material, Zeolite, Fulvic Acid, Bentonite, Boron and Mineralised salt.

Fulvic Acid is a plant extract that is both a rich source of many trace elements as well as being a potentiator of the bio-activation of many substances.
Boron which is a natural element also is a potentiator of bio availability particularly of Calcium and much more. Please see the article regarding Boron’’s actions in the Documents section of this website.

Mineralised salt is included as a separate pack and is intended to be taken separately, both in water and with food for the reasons that it is a concentrate of the sea, hence contains ~ 80 plus minerals, trace elements, rare earths and other elements. Also it is an alkalising influence, and last but not least, it is a stimulus to rehydrating our chronically dehydrated bodies, all of which are very powerfully positive influences on our health. Ref. Water and Salt by F. Batmanghelidj MD and Phillip Day

Diatomaceous Earth or DE, is a source of bio-available (easily absorbed) Silica as well as virtually all other minerals and trace elements. What this means is when we add DE to our diets our food is better absorbed and our bodies’ many chemical reactions become more efficient, resulting in improved health.

Silica is well documented as both a Limiting Nutrient (Meaning a nutrient that is deficient in the diet, and that when added to the diet results in a significant improvement in one or more health criteria) and more importantly, it is essential to the bio availability (digestion and absorption) of many minerals, trace elements, hormones, enzymes and other biochemical functions in our bodies.

Silica is also present in ~ 7 times higher quantities in organic food than in chemically grown food.
The ratio of Silica to Carbon is a key indicator of nutritional value of food.

Calcium has a similar key role, in that it is essential for hundreds of biochemical pathways in our daily functioning. If our bodies receive inadequate Calcium, we draw from our skeletal reserves, causing weak bones and we become acidic, a condition which encourages the growth of harmful organisms, including cancer cells.  Eventually, in old age when we reach our lower limits of Calcium storage, more serious problems start to appear, including degenerative diseases of all kinds, including cancer, heart disease and arthritis.  Most importantly, Calcium helps to  maintain our neutral-alkaline pH.

Magnesium is another key mineral that is of similarly vast importance as calcium and is included in supplementation.

Of all the practical methods of alkalising our bodies, remineralisation is the most powerful.
The reason re-mineralising is so powerful is that, unlike the other methods, it provides a reservoir of pH balancing, that compensates for occasions when we eat acidic foods, which means we can enjoy the good things without harming ourselves.

By “Re-Booting” , we are restoring our entire body to its optimal health and functionality, rather than patching up one part that has failed, only to find another area fails at a later time.

While this is not instantaneous, it is achieved in one or two months as indicated by change in our pH.
As this happens the changes in our health start to be seen.

This is quite remarkable considering that a state of ill-health usually takes decades to develop.

Detoxification from heavy metals, chemicals and other toxins takes place simultaneously with the Re-mineralisation through the combined chelating abilities of Diatomaceous earth and zeolite included with the minerals.

Zeolite is proven to be effective in removal of radioactive, heavy metal and agricultural and other chemical toxins. Even coal miners with tar in the apical (deepest area) of their lungs were clear in 6 months via zeolite from years of accumulated coal tar.
Liver Health, Detoxification with Clay, Zeolite,
Diatomaceous Earth
The liver is our main barometer for Health. As the detoxification centre for the entire body, if it becomes overloaded, every other part of the body will in turn be negatively affected. Our modern diets of refined starches/sugars plus chemicals, heavy metals, environmental toxins, to a large extent accumulate in the liver, progressively disabling the whole body’s health and weakening the immune system.

Clays are the means to enable the liver to disgorge its toxic load and the whole body to revert to optimal, natural health. When animals sense they are in need of a de-tox, they will eat clay or “dirt”, seeking the minerals.

In the natural world, many will know of Sir David Attenborough’s documentaries in which animals of all species are shown to seek clay in river beds to detoxify their livers from alkaloids and other substances that, if not removed, result in toxicity and, due to slower reflexes, they become the prey of the higher levels of the feed chain. The same applies in our urban society, where toxic substances assault us everywhere we go, including the air, water, food, even the air waves are loaded with electromagnetic radiation.

A simple, low cost Mineral Reboot kit available via this site includes Litmus paper, and Detox minerals. This kit and everything on this site, will be available and accessable globally, including The Third World by virtue of its low cost and our commitment to providing solutions that work for All from now on.

Directions for use
Take 1 to 2 rounded T spoons of the Mineral ReBoot kit powder with good quality water.
Take initially one or three times daily until pH becomes neutral-alkaline and or your main symptoms improve.

Animal behaviour instructs us, that, when animals have either a mineral deficiency or a toxicity, they remedy it ASAP via rapid and substantial intake of minerals and/or natural chelating materials. So, there is a message here, namely, take as much as possible as soon as possible, for in this way, we will remediate the accumulated mineral deficit / remove the toxic load from our liver and other tissues as soon as possible, allowing our Immunity and health to Re-Boot, as quickly  as possible
Thereafter, take as often as you feel is desirable / necessary for maintenance.

Your body will tell you if you listen, everyone is different in their requirements, so adjust your dosage accordingly, bearing in mind the sooner you replenish your mineral deficit, the sooner you will see improvement.
Typically this will take one to three months depending on your daily mineral intake.


1. Leo, 80, Sydney Arthritis
After six or eight weeks of taking minerals, Leo found he no longer had hip pain that had plagued him for ~ 40 years. Also he didn’t need anti inflammatory medications.

2. Amber, Labrador dog, ~7 years, Sydney Arthritis
After 4 to 6 weeks of taking the minerals, Amber was ‘very much improved’ according to her owner, who was previously saddened by her discomfort and lack of mobility.

3. Noel, 80 Sydney, Heart problems
Noel had undergone several months ago by-pass surgery and was having to use a walking stick for the first time ever, as well as experiencing a variety of other undesirable, potentially worrying health problems including pneumonia, extreme fatigue and general frailness and dizziness.
Within ~ ten days of taking the minerals, virtually all of these worrying symptoms were extinguished and he said “I am putting it all down to the minerals, I am not kidding you, and I’m throwing away my stick”.

4. Ron, Sydney, 90, Blood Pressure
Ron was told by his GP “whatever you are taking, keep taking it, your blood pressure has never been this good!” Ron is, at 90, the patriarch (benevolent) of 4 generations of his family, so it’s a great thing that he is keeping on.

To research further information the reader is referred to the texts previously referenced, by Dr Joel Wallach, Dr Robert Barefoot, Drs Suttle and Underwood, as well as to a vast body of nutritional information relating to Diatomaceous Earth and bioavailable silica’s action as a bio-availability enabler/activator of many substances.
Also well documented are  zeolite’s credentials as a chelating agent in removal of many toxins including radioactive (it was used at Fukushima and Chernobyl), agricultural chemical and heavy metal toxicity thus preventing and reversing diseases of many kinds including cancers, arthritis, auto-immune, and neurological disease.  Virtually all disease states are positively impacted / dramatically improved by detoxification in this simple, effective and affordable way. There is also strong evidence to suggest that conditions such as depression, autism and ADD/ADHD benefit from this type of gentle de-toxification

This information is not authorised by any government or other agency, though it would be wise for governments to encourage health care systems that are working, proven and able to prevent as well as cure disease in society, thus improving economic markers as well as the lives of many who are needlessly suffering for the want of information and cents daily of minerals.
It is, however true in every detail of what is stated here.

We suggest that you, as a mature adult, assume responsibility for making decisions regarding your health and life.

Unlike the Veterinary profession, the medical industry/profession are not trained in nutrition, hence they have no basis from which to understand what is spoken of here, so, they are not qualified to comment let alone adjudicate / disapprove.
We would say, in the face of the vast body of practical evidence supporting this system of health care, to those who would disagree, prove that it doesn’t work, otherwise keep out of what is working.  Preferably, become part of encouraging it, in the interests of The Greatest Good. Indeed, government is itself, irrefutably, complicit in THE greatest crimes against humanity ever to be perpetrated. Please see Research Documents listing entitled ; ‘Government

The Mineral Re-Boot kit is available now

The Mineral Re-Boot kit is available now – BUY IT NOW