Sustainable 123

Sustainable 123 is a collective of Businesses connected to The WE Project and committed to creating a sustainable way to go forward in the ways we live, through a Sustainable Economic System parallel to the current one.
This Working Document is an outline of a range of Products and Systems that are proven to work, and that are being widely implemented, collaboratively, by a global group committed to this cause. As Buckminster Fuller said: Upon commitment, The Principles disclose. In other words, when we commit to doing this, the means and specific details will be found.

Many products are already available, all that is necessary is spreading the Sustainable 123 brand locally and globally. All are welcome to join, contribute and benefit, being the unifying principle of The WE Project -and therefore of its Sustainable 123 brand- that of Integrity, by which Trust and Global Uptake are assured.

Ethical Charter

The Greater Good, also known as The Law of One. is both a Spiritual and a Pragmatic inclusion, meaning that any Product with a reputation of Trustworthiness will be implemented and therefore succeed. As a direct consequence, other products and brands will have to keep up with our newly established benchmarks.

Sustainable 123: the Trading Platform of The WE Project

  • Where The WE Project‘s marketplace connects the people,
  • Sustainable 123 connects Businesses to each other and to the people (b2b and b2c) to create a family, everywhere in the world.
  • Much more than “chemical free”, Sustainable 123 is about sustainability in every possible way, including ideologically, financially, societally.
  • Sustainable 123 is also a global connector, creating links to many others who are on the path to sustainability.
  •  A means of rewarding, thus motivating more people globally, to go green!

How does Sustainable 123 work?

Thre are 3 stages of Sustainable 123 accreditation:

  1. Commiting to chemical-toxicity-free and taking the first steps, such as caesing chemical application
  2. Demonstrating significant progress
  3. Chemical-free Organic Certification.

There are guidelines, products, Methodologies and mentors for farmers who are seeking the ‘How’ to grow organic hemp or other crops

Sustainable 123 is also about products, services, projects other than food, – that choose to join the movement and be a part of adopting the new positive protocols into their activities.
 Hence, such organisations will be both rewarded and recognised by their branding with the Sustainable 123 mark, which will be the means of recognition of trust-worthiness, integrity, efficacy.
 A similar staged process of accreditation is applied to these products, services, and the positive changes made are outlined on the packaging enabling would be customers to choose to support the organisation.

 In this way, positive change on every level is both promoted and acknowledged in every field of human activity!

 Self Regulating and Peer Review, are the best methods of running new organisations, for the reason that there is no better regulatory mechanism than our own, and if there is an error of self assessment, Peer Review will quickly make that known, publicly.

Market Analysis

Market Global Market Value (USD) Status Action required Technical details Marketing method
Anthelmintics/ De-Wormers ~10,000,000,000+ Available now Education, Marketing and Development (1) See note 2
Antimicrobials / Antibiotics ~64,000,000,000+ Available now Ditto Ditto
Anti Inflammatories ~70,000,000,000+ Available now Ditto Ditto
Cars, Bikes ~1,400,000,000,000 Available now Ditto Ditto
Clothing Available now Ditto Ditto
Cosmetics ~15,000,000,000 Available now Ditto Ditto
Energy Off Grid Devices ~9,100,000,000,000 Available now Ditto Ditto
Fertilisers ~152,000,000,000 pa Available now Ditto Ditto
Financial Systems ~200,000,000,000,000 in Total (3) Available now Ditto Ditto
Food ~8.100,000,000,000 pa Available now Ditto Ditto
Health Care ~1,000,000,000,000+ pa Available now Ditto Ditto
Pesticides and Fungicides ~76,000,000,000 pa Available now Ditto Ditto
Weedicides ~29,000,000,000 pa Available now Ditto Ditto
Vaccines ~$50,000,000,000+ pa Available now (4) Ditto Ditto














  1. Education / Marketing and Development is all that is required to activate The New, Sustainable Economic System. This will involve mostly the New Early Adopter Nations causing the Later Adopters to ‘Change or become Uncompetitive’. (this is a crude metaphor, but it is true)
  2. The Technical details about each of the markets are less important than the fact that the products exist and that The Concept of an In Integrity Global Brand is valid. As the products are drawn to the Sustainable 123 the details will be available, and those brands will become Globally relevant. There is room for many products in each section, subject to their upholding the Standards of the Sustainable 123 Brand. Several of the products are referred to in this document, including Financial, Food, Health, Hemp, others are available for further discussion.
  3. 200 Trillion is the Total Value of Global Financial Markets, Assets, including Debt, Equity and Gold
  4. Extensive documented proof of 90 to 96 % Efficacy is available.